304 STAINLESS STEEL Marine Snaps and Fasteners
Are you looking for a product to replace “ Snap Button in Brass material”? Here A2 STAMPING has 304 Stainless Steel Snap Button” for your another choice?
A2 STAMPING was founded in Taiwan over 20 years and is a specialized Metal and Stainless Steel Stamping Manufacture. Differ from snap button in brass material, we have developed “304 Stainless Steel Snap Button”in order to enhance rust prevention ability. The “304 Stainless Steel Snap Button”consists “ Stud, Socket, Button (Cap), Rivet (Post)”. The application can be used in garment Industry, yacht industry, footwear industry, safety helmet industry, marine industry and bag & suitcase industry.
We sell“ Snap Button”for one set. However, Stud, Socket, Button (Cap), Rivet (Post) ”is also available sold separately. You are welcome to contact with us for detail purchase.
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