What kind of information should be offered for quotation request?
We need to have 2D or 3D illustration first. The sample should be offered before order confirmation.
What kind of material can be used by stamping machines?
A2 STAMPING can stamp various kinds of material. We may be able to purchase material by ASTM, JIN, and DIN specification by customers’ requirement. If the material is not available supply in Taiwan, we will suggest similar type of material for customer’s choice.
What is lead time for Die and Tooling creation?
Normally, it will take around 45-60 working days. But, it depends on how complex of the particular product.
Can Die and Tooling be transfer?
The Die and Tooling is designed upon our stamping machine specification. It can be evaluated and discussed if the client has transfer request.
What is lead time for mass production for an official order?
The raw material type, material grade, secondary operation request and other terms will effect the lead time. Normally, it will take 14-60 workings days depends on the order request for each shipment.
Why do the stainless steel products have magnetism?
Please check the video as attachment we show you.

The stainless steel steel plate is no magnetic. During stamping procedure, the material touch with tooling which is made by metal may cause weakness magnetic. So the finish product may have a little magnetic. It is normal phenomenon and it would NOT effect the function.
Is PPAP LEVEL III provide?
PPAP LEVEL III is available to supply.
What is PPM (parts-per-million) quality that A2 stamping may offer?
As one of our management philosophy 『Quality Assurance』, our target is 0 PPM. However, it will depend on clients’ particular part, design tolerance request and processing limitation.