The snap fastener fit to cloth, metal, fabric, wood and other substrate.
The eyelet rivet fit to stud and the button rivet fit to socket.
The stainless steel snap fastener can be rust proof and non-magnetic.
1. It can be used in extreme cold and salt water condition.
2. corrosion resistance
3. long lasting
4. Non-Magnetic
Snap Button = Stud + Socket+ Button + Rivet (post)
Stainless Steel 304 & 316
The snap button is used to combine the two objects, such as cloth to cloth. They are often used in boat covers, marine covers, cushions covers, dodgers, military clothing, outdoor covers, leather bags, shoes, vehicle covers, etc.
The advantage for S.S. 304 Snap Button is to prevent rush, good-looking of surface and any object that needs the combination.
Application Industry:
1. Garment Industry
2. Footwear Industry
3. Safety helmet Industry
4. Marine Industry
5. Bag & Suitcase Industry
6. Outdoor Covers