A2 STAMPING was founded in 1996 and it has over 20 years experience in stamping industry. A2 STAMPING is located in the middle of Taiwan and is specialized in Metal and Stainless Steel (A2) Stamping Manufacture.
A2 STAMPING products
What are A2-STAMPING special for?
  • Progressive Stamping Production
  • Deep Drawing Production
  • 100% Taiwan Made
What are the services A2 STAMPING provide?
  1. Tooling & Die Design and Development
  2. Mass Production by Stamping Machines
  3. Assembly Service : fastener installation, etc
  4. Finish Service: zine plated, nickel plated, etc
  5. Packaging and Delivery
A2 STAMPING's Management Philosophy
  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Competitive Price
  3. Dedicated Service
  4. Clients' Satisfaction
A2 STAMPING Facility:
  1. Full Automatic Stamping Machines
    3 SETS for 110 TON
    5 SETS for 80 TON
    1 SET for 60 TON
  2. Full Automatic Assemble Machines: 15 SETS
  3. Manual Assemble Machines: 15 SETS
What will A2 STAMPING's customer get?
  1. High Performance Output
  2. Cost Advantage and Save Your Money
  3. Quality Assurance
A2 STAMPING company
A2 STAMPING factory