A2 stamping choose stainless steel as main material for stamping production. In our daily life, you may see lots of products made in stainless steel material, such as household items, automotive parts, medical facility, construction material…and so on. The life time of stainless steel products is always longer than other metal material products.

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Stainless Steel 304
Hex Cap

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Stainless Steel 304
Capped Screw

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Stainless Steel Snap Button

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Snap Fastener-Stud

stainless steel sockets
Snap Fastener-Socket

snap fastener buttons, snaps for clothing, press stud buttons
Snap Fastener-Button

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Snap Fastener-Rivet

stud screws, stainless steel screws
Snap Fastener-Stud Screw

wheel nut caps
Stainless Steel Wheel Nut Cap

custom stainless steel stamping, stainless steel hardware
Custom Stainless Steel Stamping

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OEM & ODM Metal Stamping Products

Photos, Drawings or Samples are welcome to offer for evaluation.

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Stainless Steel Handles